Ways to Successfully Live Together During Divorce

February 26, 2020

After months or years of arguments and tension, couples who decide to divorce often feel excited at the thought of moving into separate homes. However, sometimes it makes more financial and logistical sense to remain under the same roof until after the separation is finalized. Not only can this type of arrangement be less expensive than trying to carry another mortgage or rental payment, but it can also help children transition into a new normal.

Living together during divorce is not simple, of course. It takes commitment from both parties to make the temporary situation work.

Schedules and Home Maintenance Expectations

Although divorcing spouses might want to act like cold, unspeaking roommates, they have a vested interest in keeping the house functioning. This means sharing schedules so each party knows when the other will be at home or away. Spouses can even set up chore charts to make certain all routine home maintenance and cleaning happens. Forcing both parties to partake equally in all home-related duties, especially if those duties used to fall on one of the spouses and not the other, will help both spouses adjust.

Honest Communication About Money

Divorce lawyers frequently see poor spending between divorcing parties. One may decide to stock away money in a hidden bank account or refuse to contribute to necessary bills, such as utilities, private school, children’s extracurriculars, or groceries. A spouse may also drain a joint savings account in retaliation. Neither decisions will end up positively.

The best way around this problem is for the couple to create a thorough budget. They can then use the budget to ensure they are contributing fairly towards household and familial expenses. In the case of a contentious divorce, their divorce attorneys may provide budget-making assistance to ease suspicions.

Parental Responsibilities

After divorced parents no longer live together, each will have to handle the full child care responsibilities when the kids stay at their house. It is best to agree upon a parental plan and implement that plan immediately, so the children will adjust easier once you live separately. Instead of splitting responsibilities, try to assign tasks daily and create a set schedule.

Resist Dating and Bringing Romantic Partners to the House

Most divorce lawyers recommend their clients staying out of the dating scene, if possible, especially if they are separated but living together. Bringing a romantic partner back to the house can be awkward at best.

If children are involved, particularly older children or teenagers, the kids can become confused or angered at the thought of mom or dad being interested in someone new. Divorcing parties do not need to curb their social lives, but they should be respectful so they can get through the process quickly and without causing additional stress. They can always date later after the divorce has been finalized.

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