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Nice and Professional

The best lawyer you can get! Very fast response time and always very nice and professional! So glad I didn’t go anywhere else. She gets the job done!



Katie Stockton provided me with excellent representation during my divorce and domestic violence proceedings. She was very attentive to my case and achieved excellent results for me. I was very happy with every aspect of how my case was handled.  I would highly recommend Ms. Stockton.

— Megan


I needed some help with post divorce issues, and I had bad experiences with my prior attorney. Ms. Stockton was very helpful, trustworthy and experienced. I can't say enough about the legal representation that I was given.

— Barb


From the second I met her.. I simply felt safe! She's a smart, straight shooter, who doesn't try ngive you false hope or make promises she can't keep.I came to her scared to death and afraid I was for sure going to lose custody of my only child aswell as a facing a TRO based on untrue and inaccurate facts.Now that she is representing me the fight to come is getting less and less terrifying as we takethings in an organized, methodical manner.. one step at a time and prepare to fight the goodfight.If you're looking for some back alley lawyer that'll fight dirty using lies and deception to win yourcase then she might not be the lawyer for you but if you trust in her.. Are honest from the startwith her.. This woman will march through any trench side by side with you

- Christian File


Katie fought hard for me during my divorce and accomplished great results for me, not only financially but regarding my children as well. She is a phenomenal, compassionate and aggressive attorney. She is down to earth and always makes herself available to her clients. I could not have made it through such a difficult time in my life without her. I have referred many friends and family to her and they were also very happy. I cannot say enough about having her on your side.