How can Children Stay Safe During in-Person School Sessions?

September 8, 2020

school safety

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shut down certain schools, offices, and government institutions, parents could benefit from safety tips for children going back to school. When kids enter a school building in this environment, parents must take the lead in terms of safety.

Are Schools Prepared for in-Person Learning?

Schools have likely enacted a range of safety precautions that are meant to keep the kids safe. Parents, however, need to know what these safety precautions are and should contact their children’s school before it reopens. This is a good thing to review with kids before they go back to school.

All children should be prepared for the safety precautions that will be in place in school buildings. Confusion can cause problems that might easily spread the virus.

Should Parents Still Enforce Safety Routines at Home?

Parents must also follow up with their children at home. When a child has been taught a safety routine at home, they are more likely to use appropriate safety measures at school. A child that has not had these tips reinforced at home may not know what to do when they are in the school building on their own.

Should Children Go to the Doctor During This Time?

Kids may need to go to the doctor for a check-up before going back to school. While children should have a yearly check-up, a school check-up prepares them for the school environment.

The doctor might feel as though the child is immunocompromised in some way, or the doctor might recommend that the child avoid certain activities. This professional medical advice can be used when requesting accommodations from the school.

What Should I Do if My Children Have Concerns About In-Person Learning?

Children need to be heard in this process. If one’s children have concerns about going back to school, those concerns should be addressed. The children might have run into issues while at school, and parents should ask what is going on. Parents may need to pull their kids out of school, homeschool, or request additional accommodations from the administration.

What Should Parents Do if They Have Apprehensions?

In-person learning may worry some parents. A parent who is not sure what to do during this time may need to speak to the school administration or other parents before making a decision. Since most schools are federally and locally-funded, parents have every right to request a conference with teachers, counselors, and administrators.

Additionally, parents may benefit from speaking to a lawyer, especially if a parent is recently divorced. Child custody arrangements may be strained during this time, and it may be difficult for parents to establish arrangements for when their children go back to in-person school sessions. A lawyer will be able to address the parent’s concerns and could help modify a child custody agreement if necessary.

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