What Activities Can I Do with My Kids During Lockdown as a Single Parent?

July 15, 2020

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Lockdown has been hard for all of us, especially those of us trying to engage and support young children. This massive task can be hardest on single parents who may have little support of their own.

Even though Governor Murphy has lifted the official stay-at-home order in New Jersey, some families are still remaining at home as much as possible to reduce the risks of COVID-19 exposure. Other families are required to quarantine for 14-days if they are visiting or returning to New Jersey from high-risk states that have experienced high spikes in coronavirus cases.

So, how can a single parent occupy his or her children during this stressful time? Kids are naturally curious to try new things and they relish parental attention. It is important to try to do fun activities, and create lifelong memories with the kids, especially after a recent divorce.

Remain Positive

One thing to keep in mind while spending time with kids is to be in the moment. Parents should provide a low-pressure environment. This sets a great tone for everyone.

How Should I Plan Activities?

It can be overwhelming to try to plan for the whims of bored children, so let them participate. Let the kids suggest themes or topics they would like to explore together. Single parents and their children can have fun planning and creating together.

Additionally, now is a great time to show the kids the ropes of how to run a household. Teach them to cook, do laundry, or take on a home repair project.  Get their help with deep cleaning or organizing.

How Can I Have Fun at Home?

Movie nights, board games, and puzzles are great go-to activities in normal times, but a little effort can take familiar family fun to the next level. If a single parent likes to cook meals with the kids, keep doing so, but go the extra mile. Create a restaurant atmosphere complete with menus and background music. Before building a fort to sleep in, pack snacks and do a picnic. Use average art projects to create a gallery collection on display.

Make any activity interesting by turning it into a challenge, such as reading the most pages or folding the most laundry.

How Should I Remain Active?

Take walks and bike rides together when the weather cooperates. When indoors, it is still possible to get plenty of exercise. Have a family dance party or find a family yoga workout online. Get creative and create different sports and exercises using household items, like rolled-up socks as balls, laundry baskets as goals, or plastic cups or empty bottles as targets.

Remember to Stay Connected

Keep in contact with family and friends through video calls. Kids can connect with friends and family through online gaming. Additionally, kids can keep connected to each parent through technology. Help kids feel united to their community by finding ways to make meals for charities or organizations to help those in need.

Record the memories

Finally, use this time to create a family journal, scrapbook, or time capsule to enjoy in the future.

Being a single parent is hard, so it is important to spend quality time when the kids are with you. If a parent needs to make a child custody modification, it is best to speak to a lawyer right away.

Moorestown Divorce Lawyers at Stockton Family Law Help Families Stay United During the Pandemic

Single parenthood is not easy, but it is sometimes for the best. Feeling unsupported as a co-parent is often a factor that leads to divorce. If you need to modify a child custody agreement, talk to one of our Moorestown divorce lawyers at Stockton Family Law today. Complete our online form or call us at 856-412-5052 for an initial consultation. Located in Moorestown, New Jersey, we serve clients throughout South Jersey, including Mount Laurel, Burlington County, and Camden County.