Holiday Gift Ideas for Children of Divorce

December 20, 2019

Most parents worry very little about the gifts they give their children. All that can change the first year after they get a divorce. Many times, parents who are in the process of divorcing or whose divorce was finalized during the previous year fret about the presents they choose. By keeping a few tips in mind, divorced parents can expertly navigate holiday gifting without adding undue stress into their lives.

Talk to the Other Parent

Keeping a line of communication open between divorced parents can make all the difference. Even if the parents will only communicate through their divorce lawyers, they can at least negotiate which gifts they will give. Knowing which parent is buying what toy or other present takes away the sting of duplicating efforts. It also puts the focus on the child, not the divorce.

Stop Buying Wars Before They Start

Parents who are divorced should think twice before buying ultra-expensive presents for their children. Unless they would have bought the gifts during the marriage, the gifts may be too extreme. Children need love, consistency, and support to feel secure through a divorce. Receiving extraordinary gifts that seem out of character can make children uncomfortable.

Ask the Child to Create a Wish List

A good way to break down the gifts between divorced parents is to ask the child to create a list. Having a list of items forces parents to concentrate on what their children want to receive. Additionally, parents can then break down the list, dividing and conquering so the child does not receive duplicates and is not disappointed.

Set Budget Limits

This can be tough, especially if one parent ends up having more money than the other after a divorce. Nonetheless, budget limits stop one parent from buying outrageously priced gifts that make the other parent’s gifts seem insignificant or cheap. Again, parents may need to speak with their divorce lawyers to come up with an appropriate amount, particularly if they are still having trouble talking.

Discuss Experiential Gifts

In general, experiential gifts, such as trips to museums and zoos, can be wonderful choices for divorced parents to give their children for holidays. However, the experience should stick within the boundaries of child custody. A parent who showers a child with a weeklong vacation sounds generous and loving. Yet, if the vacation falls on the other parent’s week of custody, this may cause an issue.

Go Drama-Free

As a final note, divorced parents can give their children a drama-free holiday. By stepping away from their own issues, they can show the children that being a parent means more to them than anything else.

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