How can I Expedite My Divorce Case?

December 15, 2020

The divorce process can be lengthy, often dragging on for a period of months or even years. For this reason, people going through the divorce process typically want to find out how to complete the proceedings as fast as possible. There are some options to expedite a divorce case. By following the right steps and making the right choices, it is certainly possible to cut a significant amount of time off of the divorce process.

Reach an Early Settlement

If both parties can agree on a settlement, it saves a lot of time. Divorce cases tend to drag on because both spouses bring arguments to the court. The more the judge has to hear, the longer the divorce process will take. If both spouses agree on a settlement in advance, the divorce will move much faster.

Save Time with an Uncontested Divorce

Similar to the importance of reaching a settlement, not contesting a divorce will make the process faster, but most divorces are contested. A contested divorce happens when one party refuses to sign paperwork or does not agree to the terms. By not contesting, it is possible to greatly reduce the overall time for a divorce case.

Collaborative Divorce

Additionally, collaboration can expedite the divorce process. In a collaborative divorce, lawyers for both parties work together to reach a satisfactory outcome for everyone involved. Arguments can lead to significant delays. If both spouses and lawyers are working together, the time can be significantly reduced.

Hire a Mediator

All of the tips mentioned above can help to significantly shorten the time for the divorce process to reach a conclusion. The problem, however, is that strong feelings and animosity on both sides can make this challenging. Communication is key to simplifying the process, but sometimes, in a divorce, communication is not easy. Hiring a mediator can solve this problem by opening a channel of communication and making the process run more smoothly.

Hire a Skilled and Professional Lawyer for the Case

To expedite a divorce case, there are a lot of steps to consider. It is important to remember that some circumstances are uncontrollable. To make the process go as smoothly as possible, it is important to ensure that a qualified lawyer is handling the case.

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