How Will Divorce Impact My Children?

June 1, 2020

children impacted by divorce

The decision to divorce your spouse is a difficult one and many different questions must be answered before the process can begin. Many couples who are interested in getting a divorce fear that this decision may negatively impact their children.

Couples may choose to stay together for the sake of the kids, while others find that divorce is their only option. If moving forward with divorce is decided, many couples worry about their children during divorce proceedings because of the many negative effects it could have on them, both mentally and emotionally.

How Can I Manage the Psychological Effects?

Divorce can be incredibly stressful for children, especially if they are old enough to fully understand what is going on. Fortunately, there are some children who rebound back from a divorce quickly and smoothly rather than holding onto the stressors in their life. Here are some ways to make the divorce process easier for all children involved:

  • Maintain a healthy relationship with your children during the entire divorce process: This will ensure that your children do not feel neglected or unwanted by either parent. Many times, a divorce affects the amount of time a father gets to spend with their children. Do not let the distance and separation negatively impact the child-parent bond that is crucial to your children’s development.
  • Do not put kids in the middle: Asking your children to pick sides or talking badly about the other parent is cruel and can cause mental instabilities. Never put your children in the middle when stress is heightened. Divorce is never the children’s fault, and they need support from both parents throughout the process.
  • Co-parent peacefully: Going through a divorce is stressful and emotional. Try your best to continue to parent together in a peaceful manner. If your children witness you fighting or being unkind to one another, they will be negatively affected by the divorce.
  • Monitor your children closely: During a divorce, children and adolescents may start to rebel against rules and regulations that you have set for them. Monitor their behaviors and ensure that they are not acting out due to the repercussions of the divorce.

What if Their Moods Start to Change?

Children must deal with many different stressors post-divorce, including the possibility of changing schools, moving to a new home, living with a single parent, and getting used to seeing one parent less than the other. This can make children feel confused and upset, leading them to lash out or develop mental health problems. Depression and anxiety rates are higher in children of divorce. If your children’s moods or behaviors continues to decline, it is best to seek a professional for help. Your children’s pediatrician can help determine the right path to take and can refer a therapist or other behavioral specialist.

Some other effects divorce has on children include:

  • Poor academic performance
  • Loss of interest in social activities
  • Anger and irritability
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Destructive behavior
  • Loss of faith in marriage and family units

Divorce can be messy and complicated, but do not let it affect the well-being of your children. Assure them that they are supported by both parents and that they are not to blame for the divorce. Children of divorce should never feel any less than others, and your children need both parents to be there for them during this difficult time.

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