What to Do About Child Custody During Coronavirus Lockdown

April 24, 2020

The novel coronavirus has made a significant impact on communities, companies, relationships, and individuals. The current COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of stress on parents who share custody of children due to separation or divorce. Important decisions will need to be made on behalf of your children’s safety and well-being.

Custody Modifications and Health Protocols

Many parents may disagree on how to handle the current state of the country, especially when it comes to quarantining and social distancing. Fulfilling the terms of child custody orders can be more difficult to maintain given the isolation recommendations of federal and state governments. Schools are closed and people are encouraged to self-quarantine to help prevent the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, this could mean that children may need to spend more time with one parent and less with the other.

If a child is carrying the virus or has shown symptoms, it is important to keep them quarantined and away from others. Custody agreements will have to be modified to ensure that the child is not leaving the house.

If the parents of the child decide to continue custody agreements and switch off and on with care, both parents should maintain social distancing and good hygiene when they are not with their kids.

Communicate with Your Ex-Spouse and Children

Communication is key during this time and it is important for parents to understand the risks involved in alternating between households. The safest plan of action is to keep the child at one home until the government lifts the current isolation ban.

Also, when speaking about the current pandemic with your children, be mindful about the way you are talking; reinforce that everything will soon be back to normal. Encourage your children to practice social distancing and frequent handwashing to help lesson the sense of fear and heighten their initiative to help their community.

If you are the parent who does not have custody during the pandemic, there are ways to keep up communication with your child. Facetime is a great way to see and talk to your kids without actually being present. Call your children during class time and help them with schoolwork. This will keep you more involved and feel as though you are there with them. Parents can also play online games with their kids from different locations. Plan a game night and facetime while you are playing a game on your computer with your kids.

For the sake of your children, it is crucial to make proper custody changes during this pandemic. Once this difficult time is over, ensure that the parent who missed out on time with their children gets the opportunity to make it up.

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