Which Parent Pays for Summer Camp?

May 6, 2020

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As hard as it is to believe, we are only a month away from the start of the summer. This means that parents will need to decide what summer activities their children will be involved in to keep them active. Summer camp is a popular activity for children, it keeps them busy and off their electronics. Camp is designed to keep kids occupied away from home and be surrounded with friends and activities. This is a great option for parents who work full time and need a place for their kids to go during the day.

For parents who are divorced or separated, sending their kids to camp can be a complicated process. Financial issues come up frequently among divorced parents and present conflict when deciding which parent should pay for their children’s summer activities. Summer camps cost money and can range in price depending on the type of camp. To decide which parent pays for camp, one must first determine if summer camp is for child care purposes or if it is considered an extracurricular activity.

Summer Camp for Child Care

For parents who work full time, sending children to camp is a great option. If this is the case, divorced parents should split the cost of the camp due to basic child support criteria. Since children need somewhere to go during the day, both parents are responsible for camp costs and daily transportation.

Summer Camp as an Extracurricular Activity

If sending your children to camp is purely for extracurricular enjoyment and not for child care purposes, parents should discuss the full cost of camp and determine how it should be split.

Often, these types of conversations turn into arguments if one parent does not agree with the cost or does not agree with the need to send children to a certain camp. In court, a judge may say that camp is excessive and a non-necessity, meaning that the noncustodial parent may not have to pay any of the costs. If parents cannot come to a compromise, hiring a skilled child custody attorney will be the best option in this situation.

Communicate with Each Other

Every decision you make concerning your children should be discussed in advanced and in a productive manner. The decision to send your children to a summer camp should be talked about a few weeks before the sign-up deadline to determine how the cost will be split. This also presents a chance for parents to discuss issues. If you and your ex-spouse fail to communicate, these types of decisions can turn into child custody battles and ruin summer for both parents and children. Learning to compromise will make relationships between divorced couples a lot less stressful and easier on both sides.

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